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Vinyl Decal Instructions

Written Instructions
Instructions for WET INSTALL method

Please do not use this “wet” method for wall decals or wood surfaces. Although the process is almost the same, you do not use spray / liquid on walls or untreated wood surfaces. This process is more for vehicle decals, windshield lettering or boat names.

Items needed are: Rubbing alcohol to clean surface and a lint free rag A tape measure to align your decal. Application spray which can me made by mixing one part rubbing alcohol to 10 parts water.  Masking Tape. Squeegee or a credit card to apply pressure to decal.

First, Clean surface well with rubbing alcohol. Do not use windex or other cleaners. You MUST use rubbing alcohol.

Second, After you have cleaned the area, Align your decal where you want it. Measure sides to align if needed. Then Tape a hinge across the middle of the decal. Look for a spot with no vinyl under it so it will be easier to remove transfer tape later. Adding this hinge will help so you can work on one side at a time.

Fourth, Carefully peel back the backing of the decal on one side on hinge. Then carefully tear the backing off at the point of the hinge. Be sure to hold tape so it does not tear past the hinge.

Next spray the area with application spray without getting opposite side of hinge wet. Then carefully squeegee section down, pulling fluid under decal away from the other side. Repeat this squeegee several times applying more pressure each pass. Then start applying gradual pressure to ensure all fluid is removed from under transfer tape and vinyl.

Next, Allow a couple minutes for decal to bond. Then carefully remove tape hinge. Hold decal so tape does not life it. Then repeat process to other side of decal. Once you have squeegee that side down with pressure, you MUST allow decal to bond for 20 minutes before removing transfer tape.

After 20 minutes has passed, Simply spray the white transfer tape with the application spray. Then allow one minute to soak in. Then carefully remove transfer tape by peeling up any corner of it and pulling at a sharp angle almost flat against other part of transfer tape. This step is delicate so if the decal under the tape starts to come up, Lay the transfer tape back down and squeegee with pressure until decal sticks. Then repeat the removal.

Do not squeegee the decal without the transfer tape on it. Now that you have completed the install process, Do not let ANYTHING touch the decal for several days to allow proper bold time.

No car washes for at least 2 weeks and no high pressure washes for at least 4 weeks. Keep away any ice scrapers or anything that can harm decal. These decals will last up to 6 years with proper care as rated by the manufacture for standard colors and 3 years for metallic colors outdoor. The life span is unlimited for indoor applications.

Weather may reduce life in southern states or high uv index areas.



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